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Product Description

Indulge IF-839 leg, foot and knee massager with Rocker Massage Technology and Dynamic Squeezeâ„¢ air massage♦ A variety of three-dimensional massage

♦ Focus on key points of the foot care

♦ Leg & knee massage simulate professional music therapists, pinch, rub, rub, point, according to a variety of massage techniques, to achieve three-dimensional linkage leg foot massage

♦ Dimensional computer carefully controlled massage intensity, do not worry about non-professional masseur hurt your body.


♦ All around wrap airbags.360-degree wrap around airbags.

♦ With more powerful massage and a wider care air- compression.

♦ Circulating air pressure pulse controlled by integrated chip.

♦ With soft and comfortable feeling.

♦ Completely breaking the traditional weakness of foot massage machine with hard contacts ,to help eliminate leg fatigue caused by prolonged standing, leg reshape and curve good shape.

Far Infra-Red Heat: With Far Infra-red heat function, it can warm the body and promotes blood circulation. 

 Carbon cloth heater, keep a steady temperature.

 Heating therapy.

 8 groups of carbon fiber heating cloth, warm your legs, feet, 50 degree temperature heating.

 Well protected legs and foots from the cold breath of intrusion, take care of your health.

 Leg & knee massager set up eight groups of carbon fiber heating device at the knee and ankle, simulate the traditional cupping heating, warm legs and foot’s corresponding parts.

Airbag Pressure Massage And Rollers Massage to the Bottom of Foot

It imitates air pressure technology from message chair with tender massage intensity and flexible massage functions. Special rollers are equipped on the foot bottom to simulate acupuncture points in the foot. Working together with air pressure, it helps achieve the best massage effect. 16 sets of air-compression bag. All–wrapped airbags, comprehensive air-compression.

Safety: The airbags can shrink automatically to prevent legs from being stuck when the power is off in a sudden.



Three roller of kneading massage roller on feet part.

Shiatsu massage on feet.

Heating Therapy on knee.


3 Level of Intensity and 5 Programs Lead to 17 Kind of Different Massage Combination: 
you can choose your desired massage intensity and program to achieve the most comfortable massage effect

Warm, Clean, Comfortable

A common problem with our foot massager is they spend most of their lives collecting dust. Indulge advanced Foot Massager IF868 solved this problem with the chic pad which keeps dirt and dust out. Keeps warmth in, and reduces visual clutter, all while looking fantastic.




Benefits of Foot Massage:  Reduce the pressure of foot and leg, improve the flexibility of muscle, beautify the curve of leg, stimulate blood circulation, ease the pain after exercise, stimulate the points, remove fatigue and improve the quality of sleep.

Patented Industry-Leading First Foot Massager with 3D Roller Calf Massage Mechanism:

Gentle massage program designed to relax tense muscles from daily activity by massaging in small gentle circular motions relieving fatigue calves and feet to just sit back and unwind while the gentleness of the massage puts you in maximum comfort zone.

Upper Part Multi Angle Adjustable: It adopts double-parts design for massage, the angle of upper part can be adjusted from 0 to 140 degrees.140 degree rotation helps to extend massage upto knee and thigh

Wide transportation wheel easy to move

Detachable Fabric Cover:

Detachable fabric cover is removable and washable.

Double level flexible sleeve.

Supporting stand, catering for different height of seat, sofa.


Fashionable, Dexterous Design: Optimal artful design, colour variety, easy to fit in furniture and house.




Indulge IF-868 Specification
Specifications Values
Net Weight: 20.5 Kg
Input Voltage: 220 ~ 240V
Power: 95W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Product Dimension: 59(L) *53(W) *60(H) cm
Timing: 15 Minutes
Operating Temperature: 0 Deg C to 45 Deg C
Operating Humidity: 10% RH to 90% RH


Other Specification.
Upper part can be adjusted from 0 to 140 degrees.
360-degree wrap around airbags.
16 sets of air - compression bag. All –wrapped airbags, comprehensive air-compression.
Far Infra-Red Heat withCarbon cloth heater, keep a steady temperature
Three roller of kneading massage roller on feet part. Shiatsu massage on feet.
3 Level of Intensity and 5 Programs Lead to 17 Kind of Different Massage Combination
Patented Industry-Leading First Foot Massager with 3D Roller Calf Massage Mechanism:




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